Studio Recording Equipment

iMac running Logic and Adobe Audition CC

Audient iD14 audio interface

Tascam DR-40 Portable Stereo Recorder

Tascam CD-RW700 CD Recorder

Panasonic SV-3800 DAT Recorder

Sony MDS JE470 MiniDisc Recorder

Sony MZ R30 MiniDisc Portable Recorder

AMPEX ATR 700 Stereo ¼” Analogue Tape Recorder

Technics SL-Q210 Turntable



Yamaha 01v 96

Soundcraft Spirit F1



Rogers Ls/9t

Quad 520 Amplifier

Focal Alpha 50 powered monitors

Sony MDR V6 Headphones

Beyer DT 231 Headphones


Playback Software

SFX 5.6

SFX 6.0

QLab 2.3.8 (full version)

QLab 3,0.11(Pro Audio)



AKG C414 B XL 11

AKG C451 / ck1

AKG C3000

Audio Technica 4033A

Aurycle A5500 Tube

Audix TR 40

Sennheiser MD 421

Shure SM 57

Shure SM 58

Reslo RBT/L (vintage Ribbon)

BSS AR116 (DI Boxes)



70 gigabytes of Sound Effects

Various percussion

Double Bass

Various electric & acoustic Guitars

Fender Stratocaster


Edirol PC 50 Keyboard

M Audio Oxygen 8 Keyboard